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RHINO Form Mounting Plate (FMP)

The FMP series is designed to protect the internal threads of the coupler, proper alignment of coupler system, and easy access after pour for reinforced concrete construction in segmental pour applications. After the forms are stripped, the FMP has a plastic tab that can be removed by a screwdriver exposing the contamination-free internal threads.

  • Designed to keep water, dirt, and concrete slurry out of the coupler during pour
  • Mounting holes allow for easy attachment to forms.
  • Plate can be mounted to form prior to assembly to coupler
  • After concrete pour and forms stripped, easy twist off tab allows for access to coupler threads
  • Allows for proper alignment of coupler/rebar interface

Part # Mounting Coupler Plate Length (FL1) Plate Width (FW1) Plate Height (FH1) Plate Thickness (FT1)
FMP4 RS13 1.50 in 2.25 in 2.25 in .09 in
FMP5 RS16, SS13, SS16 1.50 in 2.25 in 2.25 in .09 in
FMP6 RS19 1.50 in 2.25 in 2.25 in .09 in
FMP7 RS22,SS19,SS22 1.50 in 2.25 in 2.25 in .09 in
FMP8 RS25,RS28,SS25,SS28 1.50 in 2.50 in 2.50 in .09 in
FMP10 RS32, SS32 1.50 in 2.80 in 2.80 in .09 in
FMP11 RS36, SS36 1.50 in 2.80 in 2.80 in .09 in

Design Standard and Fitment


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